Annual License Renewal
To renew your license, pay your annual license renewal fee online, and submit your Contining Education Credits.
Due Date
Each license is due on the first of the month, 12 months from the day of your initial license date.

For example, if your were licensed on the 15th of January your license is due the following year by the 1st of January.
Renewal Notices
90 days prior to your license expiring, the board will communicate with you via email and or snail mail.
Renewal Fee
The fee for annual renewal is $99.99. This does not include a late fee or other fees for other license types.
State License Renewal Fee
The annual renewal for a state specific license is $39.99.
Specialty License Renewal Fee
The annual renewal for a specialty license is $39.99.
1-29 Days Late
If you fail to renew your license within 1-29 days you may be required to pay a late fee.
30-59 Days Late
The board charges a fee of $99.99, for late renewals that are within the 30-59 day range.
60-89 Days Late
The board charges a fee of $199.99, for late renewals that are within the 60-89 day range.
License Suspension
After 90 days of non-renewal, your license will be suspended and you'll need to pay a reinstatement fee in addition to your license fees.
Reinstatement Fee
The license reinstatement fee is $299.99.
Annual Renewal Requirements
The following list of items are required to obtain a license renewal:

1) 30 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEC)
2) License Renewal Fee
3) Be in good standing
4) Proof of Practice
5) Pass the Annual Ethical Assessment
30 Hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEC)
The board requires you submit a copy of an approved CEC. This may be submitted electronically or via mail.
How Continuing Education Credits work
Being in Good Standing
The board considers practitioners who meet the following criteria in good standing:

1) Still in practice
2) No significant legal issue
3) No board complaints against you
4) No pending investigation
5) No Malpractice
Proof of Practice
The board requires you show proof of practice, if this cannot be obtained via your Annual Ethical Assessment.
Annual Ethical Assessment
The board will automatically process an Annual Ethical Assessment once you pay your annual renewal fee.
Learn more about the Ethical Assessment