What is the Board?
Our Board consists of a team of advisors that act as a governing body, providing guidance to the company by offering different perspectives and experiences that can help the company meet specific goals, such as growing the design and research communities, achieving academic excellence, and safeguarding the design and research communities.
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The idea for The American Board of Design & Research was crafted by our founders in 2020, when they began discussing the current hiring processes for practicing designers and researchers. Something wasn't right, and the whole process seemed to be missing a critical element that provided a path for validation and growth for today's design and research practitioners.

This is why we formed the Board. We wanted to speed up the vetting process when hiring practitioners and remove unnecessary scrutiny that practitioners were being subjected to.
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Importance of Membership
Board membership is crucial particularly in the context of providing governance over design and research practitioners.

When you join the Board you'll play a major role in the continual improvement of the digital design and research industries. You'll facilitate ongoing evaluations and improvement of licensing criteria and processes, by regularly reviewing industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices.

Board members can update licensing requirements to keep up with the pace of the evolving field of UX.
Roles and Responsibilities
Board members carryout a variety of duties that range from governance and oversight to hiring and policy writing. For more details please contact the Board Secretary.
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Expectations for Board members can vary depending on the company's, committee's, or sub-committee's mission. However, some common expectations for Board members include:

1) Advocacy
2) Partner Relations
3) Networking
4) Attending Meetings
5) Continuous Learning and Development
The Board will form committees to work as tiger teams to complete a task. Committees may also work on small to medium projects and see those projects through; end-to-end.
Leadership Roles
The Board may create leadership roles apart from the fixed officer roles, to aid in keeping good order with projects and committees.
Additional Responsibilities
In addition to the primary Board responsibilities you may also aid with the following: 

Fund Raising
Web Design
Web Development
Test Proctoring
Test Matriculation
Membership Types
The Board has three membership types. Staff, Faculty, and Officer. This section explains each type at a high-level. For more details about the Board membership types, click the link below.
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Staff Members
Staff members are general Board members and are required to swear the Board Member's Oath and have limited duties and responsibilities.
Faculty members are the next level up in our Board Membership. Faculty usually focus on committee organization and limited leadership roles.
Officers are the highest ranking arm of the Board and perform executive level leadership functions.
Costs and Fees
The Board requires an application fee for all applicants. To learn more please click the link below.
Application Fees
The Board does not require dues. We do, however, require a one-time fee. To learn more please click the link below.
Membership Fees
Other Associated Costs
Other than your application fee and your one-time fee there are no additional costs.
Contact your Board Liaison for more details regarding fines. Generally speaking, as a disciplinary measure, Board members may be fined. These fines, however, are for serious offenses and are never arbitrary. A detailed list of fines shall be outlined in your Board welcome package and the bylaws.
Transparency in Financial Matters
All Board members will have access to the Board's current financial standing. The Board holds a meeting, once a month, where you can catch up, ask questions about, and learn about any relative financial matters.
All Board Fees
Looking for a quick list of all the Board fees, including application fees, and membership fees? Click the link below to view all the board fees.
All Fees
Application Process
The Board understands the application process can be daunting so we created a dedicated page explaining this process. Click the link below for more details on how it works.
Application Process
Eligibility Criteria
The following is the general eligibility criteria for all members.

You must pass an ethical assessment and be in good standing within the design and research communities. You must have a working knowledge of the design and research communities. You must either have a bachelors degree in design or research appropriate fields, or have equivalent work experience, the Board will overlook this requirement if you show evidence that you are working towards an advanced academic degree or if you have a valid practitioner's license.
Take a look at Traditional Educational BackgroundsApply for your license
Application Requirements
You will need to fill out your application form online, submit it, and pay the application fee. You will be asked to provide at least 2 references that can vouch for you in your application.
Selection Process
The Board has a very rigorous selection process and prides itself in accepting members who exemplify the following attributes:

High morale standards
Action driven
Passionate about the work we do

After you apply, we will review your application and proceed to your ethical assessment. If all goes well, we will vote to accept you into the Board.
Timeline for Approval
Out of season, the Board will take approximately 4-6 weeks to approve your application. All other applications will be delivered the first week of March.
Application Process
Expedited Application
Applicants may pay a fee to expedite their applications if needed. Expedited applications usually take no more than 3 days to process.
Learn more about the expedited applicationTake a look at all fees
Term Length and Renewal
Duration of Membership
Memberships are for life. We do, however, require a minimum of 3 years for all members and officer terms are all 3 year positions.
Renewal Process
There is no renewal process but Board leadership will perform annual reviews with their teams and have frequent check-ins to ensure growth and that members are meeting their goals.
Opportunities for Long-Term Engagement
All members are encouraged to stay active and seek out roles within the Board. Board members are also encouraged to seek out employment within the company, as full time employees.
Current Open Positions
All Openings
If you are interested in applying for an open position or have a general question, please send the Board an email to get the conversation started.
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Vice Chairman
The Board is looking for a Vice Chairman.

The Vice Chairman of the American Board of Design & Research plays a crucial role in supporting the Chairman and the Board as a whole.

Their duties include assisting in strategic planning, presiding over meetings in the absence of the Chairman, and collaborating closely with Board members to ensure effective governance and decision-making.

Additionally, the Vice Chairman may take on special projects or initiatives as assigned by the Chairman, leveraging their expertise and leadership to drive the organization's mission forward.

If this sounds like you, send the Board an email, along with your resume, and a brief note describing why you'd be a good fit.
The Board is looking for a Treasurer.

The Board Treasurer of the American Board of Design & Research serves as the custodian of financial matters, overseeing the organization's fiscal policies and ensuring financial transparency and accountability.

Key responsibilities include managing the budget, monitoring financial performance, and providing regular reports to the Board on financial matters.

The Treasurer also collaborates with other Board members and stakeholders to develop financial strategies aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.

Additionally, the Treasurer plays a vital role in maintaining compliance with relevant regulations and standards, safeguarding the financial health and sustainability of the organization.

If this sounds like you, send the Board an email, along with your resume, and a brief note describing why you'd be a good fit.
Assistant Secretary
The Board is looking for an Assistant Secretary.

The Assistant Secretary of the American Board of Design & Research provides crucial support to the Secretary and the Board in various administrative tasks and record-keeping responsibilities.

Their duties typically include assisting with meeting preparations, maintaining accurate meeting minutes, and managing correspondence on behalf of the Board.

Additionally, the Assistant Secretary may be tasked with maintaining organizational documents, such as bylaws and policies, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

By efficiently managing administrative functions, the Assistant Secretary helps facilitate smooth operations and effective communication within the Board and with external stakeholders.

If this sounds like you, send the Board an email, along with your resume, and a brief note describing why you'd be a good fit.
Membership Coordinator
The Board is looking for a Membership Coordinator.

The Board Membership Coordinator of the American Board of Design & Research plays a pivotal role in managing the organization's membership program and fostering engagement among existing and prospective members.

Key responsibilities include developing and implementing strategies to attract new members, facilitating the application and approval process, and maintaining membership records.

The Membership Coordinator also serves as a primary point of contact for members, addressing inquiries, providing support, and coordinating member events or activities.

Additionally, they collaborate with other Board members to enhance membership benefits and cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community of professionals dedicated to advancing design and research excellence.

If this sounds like you, send the Board an email, along with your resume, and a brief note describing why you'd be a good fit.
The Board is looking for an Ambassador.

The Board Ambassador of the American Board of Design & Research serves as a passionate advocate and representative of the organization, promoting its mission, values, and initiatives to external stakeholders and the broader community.

Their primary responsibility is to build and maintain positive relationships with key partners, including industry leaders, academic institutions, government agencies, and other relevant organizations.

The Ambassador represents the Board at events, conferences, and networking opportunities, effectively communicating its objectives and fostering collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, they may participate in outreach efforts to recruit new members, sponsors, or supporters, helping to expand the organization's reach and impact.

Through their dedication and ambassadorial efforts, the Board Ambassador contributes to raising awareness and advancing the goals of the American Board of Design & Research.

If this sounds like you, send the Board an email, along with your resume, and a brief note describing why you'd be a good fit.
Interested in applying as a Board Member?
Apply today and get ready to join the Board! The Board welcomes general memberships. If you don't see anything that resonates with you, that's okay!

Through your dedication and leadership you'll help shape the design and research communities and make this world a better place for practitioners, businesses, and consumers.
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*Note: For security reasons you will need to create an account before you apply. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one first.
Mission & Vision
Our mission is to take back the reins of the design and research communities and start building infrastructure for them; through academic rigor, skills testing, and licensure.
Our vision is to create a strong organization that Practitioners can fallback on when complexity hits in the workplace, family, or life in general. We dream of a day where Practitioners can autonomously remove themselves from roles that compromise the community, consumers, and their license, without worrying about their next career steps.
The Board's goal is to revitalize the job search of Practitioners by reframing how our careers are viewed in the labor force. We see design and research professionals in the same position that doctors and lawyers were when they set out to create a license program. Our goal is to use licensure as a way to cultivate a higher set of standards for the work we do.
Strategic Goals and Objectives
Our strategic goals for 2024 are to start working directly with institutions and create programs that allow students to become licensed after graduation.

Email our Secretary if you represent an institution looking to license your emerging Design and Research Practitioners.
Email the Board Secretary
Initiatives and Projects
The Board has many projects and initiatives, however, here are the most notable ones:

1) Community Outreach
2) Reduce Marginalization in the Research Community
3) Reduce Marginalization in the Design Community
4) Combat Ageism
5) Shift the focus in hiring to be objective and skill based
Other Ways to Help
Your time is valuable and we get that! Sometimes, it may make more sense to support the Board through donations. That's why we set up a donation page for you. Click the link below to get started!
Donate to the Board
Investing in the Board
We're always seeking partnerships with forward-thinking investors who share our passion for innovation and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and research. If you're interested in learning more about investment opportunities with us, please reach out to us. We look forward to exploring how we can collaborate to shape the future together.
Email the Board Secretary for more details
Become a Partner
Interested in becoming a partner? The Board is interested in connecting with like-minded teams that understand the value of licensure and want to make a difference in the world.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event or want to explore other partnerships please reach out to the Board Secretary,
Email the Board Secretary for more details
Recap of Benefits
As a Board member you'll be a pioneer in the most pivotal movement of our lifetime. You will not only be entitled to pay but you'll have the opportunity to own a piece of a thriving organization that will help support practitioner's and their families, while safeguarding their careers. We can't wait to see you cross the finish line with us as we embark on this journey towards freedom for the tech world.
Encouragement to Apply
We are so happy to know you are just as excited about this as we are. We encourage you to apply today and look forward to working with you! 
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*Note: For security reasons you will need to create an account before you apply. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one first.
Contact Information for Further Inquiries
If you need more info, please contact our Secretary.
Email the Board Secretary