Ethical Assessment
What is an Ethical Assessment?
Each jurisdiction wants to know that an applicant possesses good character and fitness to practice design or research. The inital license will require a detailed background check. If the board feels it's needed they may require a personal interview. This may be done in person or remotely.
Ethical Assessment types
We perform two types of ethical assessment.

1) Initial
2) Annual

The initial assessment is more detailed and is required for:

1) first time applicants
2) applicants chosen at random for yearly audits
3) applicants who show significant risk or have previously been suspended
4) applicants who are reapplying after being unlicensed for more than 12 months.

Your initial assessment will be performed after your exam is scored.

The annual assessment is less invasive and primarily verifies employment. Your annual assessment is run after you pay your annual exam fee.
What do you check for in the initial background check?
We verify SSN
We check the National database of criminal records
Global watchlists
US watchlists
State watchlists
Address history
DOB verification
National Sex offender search
Degree verification
Employment verification
What do you check for in the annual background check?
Global watchlists
US watchlists
State watchlists
Address history
Employment verification
Track your Ethical Assessment status
Track your status online, via your dashboard in the Ethical Assessment section.
PendingWe are waiting for your Ethical Assessment to begin.
In ProgressYour Ethical Assessment is in progress.
PassYou have passed your Ethical Assessment.
FailYou have failed your Ethical Assessment.