Continuing Education Credits
Approved Continuing Education Credits (CEC)
The board approves the following CECs:

1) Curriculum authoring
2) Conferences
3) Coursework
4) Thesis or related body of work
5) Manuscripts, Articles, and Podcasts
Required Number of Hours
The board requires a minimum of 30 hours per year to be considered proficient and to renew your license.
What to submit?
You'll receive an annual renewal link when it's time for you to renew your license. That link will take you to our renewal form page. There you'll be asked to agree to and provide the following:

1) Pay the annual fee
2) Pay any additional fees
3) CEC documents
4) Agree you are in good standing
5) Agree to an Annual Ethical Assessment
6) Agree to terms
Combined CECs
If you are unable to reach the minimum required CEC's for one CEC type you can mix types as needed.

For example, if you took a course, but the course was only 20 hours, you can combine the remaining hours with something else such as your attendance at a 10 hour conference.

Combining these two elements will mean you meet the requirement for the year.
CEC Roll Over Hours
CECs will not roll over to the following year.
Approved CEC Documents
The board will accept the following documents: 
1) Receipts
2) PDFs or Word files
3) MP3s or MP4s
4) Links to videos or audio files
5) Conference attendance records
6) Coursework certificates
7) Coursework scores
8) Curriculum
Proving Hours
If you attended a course that spanned a work week simply present a schedule of the course along with proof you completed the course. The schedule should be an official schedule from the course provider.

For CECs that are less cut and dry you'll also be required to prove hours; however, you'll need to use less obvious methods.

Let's say for example you wrote a book. If you can show a document that has a start time and end time, the board will accept this.

If you are having difficulty with proof reach out to the board and we will do our best to work with you.