Traditional Educational Backgrounds
Degree Requirements
The board values formal education and for applicants who wish to apply with their existing academic credentials, you may apply with either a direct field of study or a related one.
Direct Fields of Study
Computer Science
Cognitive Sciences
Library Sciences
Psychological Sciences
Human Computer Interaction
Human Factors Psychology
Human Factors Engineering
Human Systems Engineering
Statistical Science
Related Fields of Study
Computer Engineering
Biological Sciences
Biological and Physical Sciences
Microbiological sciences and immunology
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Design
Architectural Studies
Aeronautical Engineering
Visual Arts
Fine Arts
What if my degree is not listed above?
If you have a degree from a non-related field, you may still take the exam, you are, however, required to add a letter of recommendation to your application.
Do I need a formal degree to be licensed?
No, you do not need a formal degree to be licensed, however, if you do not have a formal degree you are required to add a letter of recommendation to your application.
Who can write me a letter of recommendation?
Anyone with a direct or related field of study, a valid practitioner's license, or anyone with 10 or more years of experience as a Practitioner in the design or research fields.