Registration Process
Step 1: Obtain Your Application Approval Letter
Make sure your application is approved by the board. You'll receive an email with a link to begin the registration process.
Step 2: Click the Register Link
You'll receive a link via email. Click this link to start the process.
Step 3: Payment
Core Exam
For a basic practitioners license you'll be required to take the core exam. The core exam fee is $1,399.98.

Specialty Exams (may not be required)
Specialty exams are exams you take to practice in a specialty such as ethnography or design systems. The fee for each specialty exam is $699.99.  

State Exams (may not be required)
If required your state may request you take exams based on state specific rules or regulations. The fee for each state exam is $399.99.
Step 4: Checkout
Once you've added all the items to your cart you'll be asked to checkout. After payment you'll be redirected to ProctorU's (our exam proctor) website.
Step 5: Setup an Account with ProctorU
You will be taking a remote exam with our third-party exam proctor ProctorU.

ProctorU requires you create an account with them prior to scheduling your exam. Please create your account, with them, to register for an exam date.
Step 6: Choose a date and time with ProctorU
You will be asked, by ProctorU, to choose a date and time for your exam.

The core exam is the exam required for your basic license. It is split up into 2 parts or two days. All exams must be taken consecutively. For example, if you choose additional specialty exams, you'll be required to take them after you complete day 2 of your core exam. For more details, on how scheduling works, go to our exam scheduling page via the button below.

We recommend you read the exam day prep tips before you take your exam. Remote exams are very secure and require a great deal of prep before taking your exam. Click the link below for a detailed breakdown of what to do on exam day.
Step 7: Take the exam
Take the exam on your scheduled date with ProctorU.
Exam Process