Exam Scheduling
Exam Types
There are three exam types.
CoreThis is the exam you take for a core license. Yes
StateThis exam type covers state specific content.Yes*
SpecialtyThese are exams that you take to validate your skills in a specific area of expertise.Yes**
* Check with the board
** The board requires that you be licensed in any specialty areas you practice in
Core Exams
As a practitioner, you have a core set of skills, knowledge, and competencies required to be considered proficient. The core exams for a Designer and Researcher test you in these areas. To be licensed as a generalist, with a basic license to practice, you must take the core exam.
State Exams
In some cases your state may require specific exams based on state based requirements. An example would be that your state has seen deaths caused by the lack of education in a specific topic and require all practitioners, practicing in the state, to be educated in that topic to prevent further harm.

If you are already licensed with a core license you may be asked to take a state exam before your next license renewal.
Check my state
Specialty Exams
Specialty exams are exams that go outside of the realm of your core knowledge as a practitioner and validate an expert level in niche areas of your practice.

The board requires you take a speciality exam for all special areas you practice in. You are not required to take a specialty exam, however, if you are a general practitioner.
Core Exam Schedule
Each core exam spans across two days. Day 1 covers the basics and day 2 is more focused on didactic skills. The exams must be taken and scheduled consecutively. When you schedule your exam with Meazure, be sure to schedule day 1 and day 2, back-to-back.
C-P1 = Core Exam Part 1
C-P2 = Core Exam Part 2
Scheduling Additional Exams
All additional exams, such as a state or specialty exams, must also be taken consecutively. For example, if you are being licensed as a Researcher, you'll need to schedule your Researcher core exam. If you specialize in Ethnography, you'll need to schedule your specialty exam the day after your core exam. Take a look below to see how this schedule might look.
C-P1C-P2SP ----Yes
C-P1 = Core Exam Part 1
C-P2 = Core Exam Part 2
SP = Specialty Exam
ST = State Exam
What if I have a Specialty Exam and a State Exam?
In some cases you may be required to take both a specialty exam and a state exam. In that case we recommend you take both on your third consecutive day.
C-P1 = Core Exam Part 1
C-P2 = Core Exam Part 2
SP = Specialty Exam
ST = State Exam
What if I have multiple Specialty Exams?
The same rules apply for multiple specialty exams, so long as the exams are take consecutively you should be good to go.
C-P1C-P2SP-1 SP-2SP-3--Yes
C-P1 = Core Exam Part 1
C-P2 = Core Exam Part 2
SP = Specialty Exam
Taking Specialty or State Exams After your Core Exams
In some cases you may be asked to take a specialty exam or state exam, after your initial exam. This is okay. In this case the same rules apply. Just be sure to schedule your exam(s) -- consecutively.
Why Consecutively?
Exam days are stressful and require extreme focus. The board's goal is to reduce as much pressure and stress as possible for our future licensees.

Back-to-back testing allows us to deliver your exam results quickly and completely. In addition -- any hang ups or delays will greatly devalue the integrity of the exam.
For remote exams, set up an account with our partner Meazure. They'll send you a detailed email on what to do next. You'll be sent a booking email that asks for you to book your dates and times for your exams.

Pick a date and time that makes sense for you.
Schedule Confirmation
ProctorU will confirm your exam details with you. Be sure to monitor your email and follow their instructions.
Expedited Scheduling
In the case when you opt to take an exam in 3 days or less, you'll be charged a fee of $39.99 per exam.
Exam Day Prep
Because exam day can be complex, we created a page that explains how you should prepare. Take a look at how to prep for exam day via the link below.
Exam Day Prep