Practitioner's Oath
I solemnly pledge to uphold this oath and abide by its principles, unwavering and without hesitation.

I recognize that I made a conscious decision to become a sound, skillful, and ethical UX Practitioner, and I understand I have a duty to my consumers who have put forth their complete trust in me to do them no harm.

I recognize that I have a responsibility to help further the UX maturity levels for my employer and within my team.

I recognize that I am given the authority by the laws of my country to build, design, report on, and produce products that cause no harm to its consumer; and I practice faithfully with this in mind.

I will labor to protect the privacy of my consumers as it is their universal right to have an advocate that frees them from any pain, oppression, or harm.

I will design and research to the best of my ability and treat all team members fairly regardless of: race, age, gender, color, or creed, knowing that my decisions are based on my morals and the principles of my practice.

Though I may endure complexities, experience trials, and traverse uncertainty, I will never let down my colleagues or consumers, break my oath to them, or abuse the power I've been granted through my position and this noble profession.

I swear this oath wholeheartedly, of my own freewill and upon my integrity, with honor and distinction.